2022-01-04 Paint Philadelphia Newtown PA Pros and Cons of Doing an Accent Wall

When thinking of upgrading your home interior, an accent wall is easily one of the top choices that will easily elevate your overall home interior’s aesthetics.

Characterized as a wall designed differently from its surrounding walls, an accent wall can quickly draw your attention with its striking textures and colors.

However, an accent wall may not be for everyone’s tastes – some find it striking, some find it too much to the eyes.

So, if you’re currently wondering whether or not to do an accent wall as your latest painting project, worry no more – we got your back!

Here are The Pros and Cons of Doing an Accent Wall in Newtown, PA.


1. Adds Interesting Feature to a Room

An accent wall will undeniably add that interesting feature to your room, making the whole room more exciting than it would be if it only had single-colored walls.

An accent wall can take on different artistic forms – it can be a wall that is differently colored than its surrounding walls, or filled with fun and exciting patterns, or can possess unique textures – and each one of them can easily draw your attention.

If your room space has been feeling mundane lately, painting an accent wall on it will be an instant remedy.

2. Makes a Space Seem Larger

If done the right way, an accent wall can maximize a small room’s space and make it seem larger than it actually is.

Especially when you’ve chosen the right wall to paint it on, an accent wall could not only give your room a design centerpiece but can also give the illusion of a larger space.

Typically, you would use dark and dramatic paint color for your accent wall to add depth to your space, enabling it to enlarge the space.

3. Creates Texture and Dimension

One common misconception about accent walls that people often have is that they can only be done using paint, but an accent wall’s artistic and aesthetic capabilities go beyond just paint.

An accent wall can be created using different textures, such as bricks, stone, wallpaper, and so much more.

These different elements add texture and dimension to a room, which gives personality to a room.

Additionally, depending on your artistic direction, these elements make a space feel richer and designed thoughtfully down to the small details.


1. Divides the Walls

Because an accent wall is designed differently from its surrounding walls, it may feel out of place and dividing.

If not done right, it would only chop up your space, and feel randomly placed, instead of actually being the highlight of the room.

While an accent wall is indeed fun, not every room needs one – because it might make your room feel divided and not cohesive.

2. Makes Space Feel Busy

An accent wall can also make a space feel too busy, especially if you’re trying to add so many elements into your accent wall.

There is such a thing as too much design in a space, and adding an accent wall to a room might only establish chaos rather than aesthetic harmony, especially in a space with already overwhelming details present.

If not strategically placed, an accent wall might be too much for your room, which will be an unsightly scene to see.

3. Reads Dated

While accent walls are still fun to do, they are technically dated design styles.

Accent walls were popular during the early 2000s, and it has been 20 years since that era.

An accent wall can still look fresh even in this decade, but when not done properly, it could easily look like a mistake that should have been left in the time it was still prominent.


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