2023-01-09 Paint Philadelphia Newtown PA Tips For Recycling Excess Paint

Tips For Recycling Excess Paint in Newtown, PA

In a painting project, it is always recommended that you estimate how much paint you need prior to going to the paint shop and gathering your materials, so you will have a clearer idea of the number of paint cans you’ll just need to buy to complete your project.

Forgetting to do this usually causes more hassle and delays to your painting project – pausing in the middle of your painting project to run to get more paint, or finding out that you have bought way too much paint than you just needed in the first place.

But no worries, because all is not lost just yet – if you’re looking for tips and tricks on how you can recycle your excess paint from your project, here’s something you will find useful.

Here are Tips For Recycling Excess Paint.

1. Store Excess Paint Properly

If you have no idea what to do with the excess paint you have after finishing your latest painting project, one of the most immediate solutions you can do to this dilemma would be to store them properly.

Storing them properly will maximize your paint’s shelf life, to ensure that they will still be usable if you ever decide to use the same shade of paint for your future painting projects.

To do this, you will want to cover your paint cans with plastic wrap, before closing them with their respective lid – make sure that you wrap them airtight, so they won’t leak and air won’t ruin your paint formula.

After doing this, you will want to label your cans accordingly (date, name of the paint, shade/color of the paint) and store them upside down in a cool, dry place to further prevent air from getting in your cans.

2. Return Unused Paint

It can be a hassle discovering after your painting project that you have bought way too many paint cans than you will just need – it just bloats and wastes your overall expense with the project, thus, the exact reason why you should estimate how much paint you need prior to your project.

But, worry not, this doesn’t mean that there’s nothing you can do, since there may be some workarounds that you can do with your unused paint cans.

First of all, you would want to try returning your unused paint cans as soon as you complete your paint project in exchange for a refund – you might want to bring the receipt when you purchased the items, and ensure that they are in excellent condition.

If that didn’t work, you can still opt to store your unused paint properly and bring them out for painting projects you might want to undertake in the future.

Lastly, if you want to, you can also post and resell your paint cans in the online marketplace, or simply donate them to community painting projects.

3. Repaint Your Old Furniture

If you’re feeling rather creative and willing to take on a more exciting project, you can recycle your leftover paint to repaint your old furniture!

Treating your old furniture to a fresh coat of paint will be a great way to breathe new life into them, and to acquire “new” furniture without spending too much, if not anything at all!

If you have been noticing that your furniture looks dilapidated and worn down lately, treating them to a fresh coat of paint will be the perfect way to bring back its old luster and shine and refresh its appearance.

4. Use Your Cans As Pots!

If you have used up all your paint upon wrapping up your painting project and all you have left now are empty paint cans, don’t throw them out right away – you can still recycle these paint cans into pots!

Turning your paint cans into pots will be a convenient and environment-friendly way to reuse and recycle them, without further contributing to the already overwhelming waste and trash we have nowadays.

You can even do a mini-painting project and paint over your paint cans if you happen to have leftover paint to make them look more attractive in your garden!

Green solutions, at its finest.


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