2023-04-19 Paint Philadelphia Newtown PA Tips For Repainting Your Home Interior After Physical Damage

Tips For Repainting Your Home Interior After Physical Damage in Newtown, PA

If you have been seeing that your home interior has physical damage present on it, which can be rather unsightly, it is encouraged that you get them taken care of as soon as possible to avoid the risk of getting these damages getting worse.

So, if you are currently preparing to repaint your home interior after having physical damage on them, here’s something you should be reading first.

Here are Tips For Repainting Your Home Interior After Physical Damage.

1. Inspect The Surface Further

In repainting your home interior after physical damage, you must first inspect the surface further so you can really see the extent of the damage present and how much damage you’re going to be working with.

Inspecting your surface further when you are repainting your home interior because it has physical damage is important so you can really see just about how much damage you’re going to be working with, then you can formulate a plan on how to best tackle this.

Inspecting your surface further also gives you the chance to really see whether the damage present on your home interior is something that can be salvaged or not, so you won’t be wasting your time and money working on a painting project that will just fall short of your quality expectations.

If it is the latter, then it would be much better to just get them replaced entirely – which will require a whole other process and planning.

2. Patch The Damages

After inspecting your surface and assessing whether or not it’s something you can fix, the next step you must do would be to patch the damage itself.

Repairing these damages, such as holes or cracks in the surface, is important to do before you repaint your surface because you will want to have a smooth surface to paint on, which will not be happening if you paint your damaged surface as it is.

To do this, you can use spackle, which is recommended as putty fillers for small holes or damages or use a joint compound for damages that are rather bigger than your average holes or dents.

However, it can be easily confusing to do this all on your own, especially when there are so many kinds of paint materials out there in the market, which is why there are available paint professionals in the store.

Don’t be shy to ask a paint professional regarding this query, as they will definitely be happy to help you and will lead you to the right choices.

3. Clean The Surface

After making sure that your surface is patched up and smooth, you will now proceed to clean your surface.

It is important that you clean your surface first before putting any coat of paint on it to ensure that you will produce smoother and cleaner results, which is essentially what you want as a paint finish in your project.

In doing this, you should ensure to remove any debris, dust, dirt, or any remaining putty that might have gotten stuck on it, to ensure a seamless paint finish in the end.

4. Prime First

After ensuring that your surface is patched up, smoothened, and cleaned properly, you will now proceed to your painting project proper – but before applying your first coat of paint, you must ensure to apply primer first.

In any painting project, the primer will always be an essential component to it, and when you are repainting a recently fixed damaged surface, its use will be even more important.

Having primer on your recently fixed damaged surface will give it an extra layer of protection, which is something that you need to ensure that your surface will not be acquiring any damage anytime soon.

Additionally, the primer will provide your coat of paint with fuller and better coverage, allowing for a brighter and more vivid paint finish as result.

5. Repaint Accordingly

After doing all the necessary steps listed above, you will now proceed to actually painting your recently fixed home interior surface!

In doing this, you should ensure to start painting at the top, so paint drips won’t be a nuisance to your process, and to allot enough drying time in between coats.

Don’t forget to enjoy the process too!


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