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A Zen Paradise: Painting and Designing Your Interior Inspired By Nature in Newtown, PA

It is indeed very easy to fall in love with nature – the spiritual connection you will have once you get to connect and be one with nature is just hard to ignore, and a bond that is both wonderful and magical.

So, if you are a nature-lover yourself or would just want to expose yourself more to the beauty of nature, something you might want is to bring the outdoors in: building yourself the perfect zen paradise right in the comfort of your home.

If you are currently on the prowl for the perfect ideas and ways of doing a nature-themed home interior, well, we might have something that will delight the nature-lover in you.

Without further ado, here is A Zen Paradise: Painting and Designing Your Interior Inspired By Nature in Newtown, PA.


1. Pair Your Shades of Green With Neutrals

In the mission to make your home interior a zen paradise, it would be a great start to pair various shades of green with neutral, earthy tones – so it’ll feel like a space that resembles the great outdoors.

You can paint your walls using these pair of colors, or just get various furnishings and furniture with this color palette – just make sure that when you do, you examine your colors carefully and see if they blend or complement each other well because not all shades can be compatible with the other.

To do this, you can consult with color palettes and design inspirations online, so you can really see and determine which pair of colors work best and have a clear vision of what you will want to do with your project, design-wise.

2. Get a Nature Themed Accent Wall

For another route, you can also infuse your love for nature into your home interior by getting a nature-themed accent wall.

An accent wall with a nature theme will be trendy these days, as greenery has been the in-thing ever since the pandemic (and the only thing people can find solace in during such tumultuous times were plants), so you get a fresh and trendy design with this choice.

There are so many design possibilities when you do a nature-themed accent wall; you can go for the cool and sleek palm or banana leaves against a clean background, a flowery accent wall, or even go beyond flat paint and make a living green wall that will be so refreshing and cool to the eyes – just get creative with it!

3. Let The Light In

In letting nature in your home, you could also do good by simply allowing more natural light to shine into your home interior.

You can do this by simply opening more windows, or getting thin, sheer lace curtains into your windows so you can also get a sweet, soft breeze blowing into your home.

If you’re feeling more frisky and have the budget to spend, you can even opt to install a skylight into your home interior, just to really let nature run its course and bask your home interior in gorgeous, natural lighting.

4. Incorporate More Wood Accents and Elements

In building a nature-themed interior,  you could do best with incorporating more wood accents and elements into your home interior.

You could do this by getting wooden furniture, such as rattan tables and chairs, or you could even opt to get hanging wooden shelves for extra storage or garnish with more furnishings (art, coasters, some of your favorite vinyl you’d like to display).

Incorporating wood accents and elements into your home interior would help you further achieve your dream nature-themed home interior, and it would look effortlessly clean and classy too.

5. Garnish Your Interior With Plants and Flowers

Lastly, in getting yourself a nature-themed home interior, you could easily achieve this by garnishing your home interior with various plants and flowers.

In doing this, you are literally bringing nature into your home (which is essentially what you want) and getting yourself to enjoy fresher, cleaner air.

Just make sure that you put the plants and flowers in a place where they can still get sunshine and don’t forget to water them as needed, and you’re off to a good start in building your perfect, zen paradise!


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