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Handy Tips For Painting Your Child’s Bedroom in Holland, PA

As parents, we see to it that our children get the best we can provide for them – may it be through education, emotional intimacy, opportunities, and even quality of shelter.

Creating a safe space for your child is essential for their own development and growth that will be vital as they grow up – thus, building them their own bedroom would be one of the most important gifts you can give to your kid.

So, if you are currently gearing up to paint your child’s bedroom, here’s something you might find helpful!

Here are Handy Tips For Painting Your Child’s Bedroom.

1. Choose A Color Scheme To Follow

In painting your kid’s bedroom, you’ll want to properly lay down the groundwork and decide on a color scheme to follow for the painting project.

There is an overwhelming number of choices out there on the market, and it can be easy to get confused – so making sure of this first helps you in narrowing down your choices, and possibly saving you from a long and taxing trip to the paint store!

If you are having a hard time doing this all on your own, there are so many color palettes or design inspirations you can refer to online – just give it a quick search and scroll until you stumble upon something you like!

2. Make Sure To Prep The Area

As a part of your preparation process, you’ll want to prepare the room you’re going to be painting.

To do this, you’ll want to remove any furniture, decoration, and many other stuff in there that could possibly be an obstruction in painting the space – these obstructions are just bad news, and could potentially cause delays and unnecessary mess in your project.

Additionally, you’ll also want to go through the proper surface preparation process – inspection and cleaning of the surface to be painted – to ensure smooth and clean painting results for your project.

3. Try To Incorporate Chalkboard Paint

Kids, when armored with a pen, marker, or anything they can use as a tool for expressing their wild and untamed imagination, could become the most dangerous enemy for your walls – as a result, bloodshed in the form of scribbles and doodles could ensue.

It does break a parent’s or adult’s heart to see walls filled with scribbles and doodles, but at the same time, this is an integral practice that will aid in the development of necessary cognitive functions for kids – so what can one do?

In painting your kid’s bedroom, you might want to consider incorporating chalkboard paint in the room; this way, your kids get to have a space to freely express their whims and imaginations, while keeping your walls safe from doodles and scribbles!

Additionally, you can also use this space to turn your kid’s bedroom into an educational environment, to help your kids with their homework, or to catch up on school lessons!

4. Consider An Accent Wall

If you are looking to add more spice and interest to your kid’s space, then you might want to consider painting an accent wall in the room.

Painting an accent wall will be the perfect way to spice up your kid’s room, since accent walls are known for their glitzy, colorful designs and their capability to effortlessly add a visual focal point to a space, essentially elevating its overall appeal in the process.

Since this is your kid’s bedroom, you might want to look into painting an accent wall related to their interests, such as patterns they might resonate with, their favorite action figures or cartoon characters, or colors they might like.

5. Ask For Your Kid’s Input

Lastly, a very important tip you must keep in mind in painting your kid’s bedroom would be to ask for their own input.

Since this is essentially their space, it makes perfect sense for you to also ask for their input regarding the creative decisions being put into the project.

Additionally, this activity helps your kid further hone and develop their decision-making skills, which are essential developments for young kids.

This could also be a great activity you could do together to strengthen your bond and connection!


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