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How To Choose The Best Paint Color For Your Bedroom in Newtown, PA

One of the best and most exciting painting projects you could ever take on is painting your bedroom – our bedrooms are our private space, and giving them a fresh coat of paint and breathing life into them is a dream.

With so many paint color variations and shades available, it is easy to get lost and confused, and you could choose the wrong paint color.

So, if you’re currently wondering how to choose the best paint color for your bedroom, worry no more – here’s something to help you with your dilemma.

Without further ado, here’s How To Choose The Best Paint Color For Your Bedroom in Newtown, PA.


1. Does It Match and Blend Well With The Present Colors?

To choose the best paint color for your bedroom, you will want to ask yourself: does it match and blend well with the present colors?

In painting your bedroom, of course, you’d want to end up with a paint color that will look good when paired with the present colors in your bedroom – it would be heartbreaking to end up with a bedroom that is not entirely cohesive and aesthetically appealing.

To help you pick the right paint color, you can look up color palettes and design inspirations just readily available online, so you can see which colors will best fit together.

Additionally, it would also be good for you to seek professional advice – paint professionals are color specialists and know which colors work and which do not, so do not be shy to strike up a conversation with them about your best choices.

2. Does It Look Good With The Lighting Present?

Lighting plays a big role in making your paint color appear.

The same shade of paint color can either look darker or lighter under different lighting conditions, so you must consider this when choosing the best paint color for your bedroom.

Many people commit the mistake of checking paint samples under the wrong lighting, and most of the time, this results in unmet expectations.

So, to be able to choose the best paint color for your bedroom, you need to keep in mind to check paint samples under the lighting of your bedroom, so you can actually see how the lighting affects your chosen color and if it will look good with the lighting present.

Additionally, you could also do a test paint on the surface you’re trying to paint to see how the color will look under the lighting present in your bedroom.

3. Does It Go With The Vibe You’re Trying To Establish?

Colors like teal, coral, terracotta, or lavender each give off a unique and distinct vibe when painted in a room.

So in choosing the best paint color for your bedroom, you need to think about the vibe you’re trying to establish first and make sure that whatever color you end up with will match that vibe.

You must consider and think about this since there are many shades and variations of paint color out there, and each one will help contribute or give off a unique vibe to a room when incorporated.

Sometimes, even shades of the same color can give off a different vibe – a deep blue gives off a royal, mysterious, and dapper vibe to a room, while a light, pastel blue gives off a serene light and bubbly vibe to a room.

So, it wouldn’t hurt to be a bit more specific about what you want in your bedroom to arrive at the best decision possible.

4. Is It Of My Personal Taste?

Lastly, to choose the best paint color for your bedroom, you need to ask yourself if the color you’ve ended up choosing is of your personal taste.

You need to ask yourself if your choice is ultimately what you actually want and that you are not acting upon some external influence or following a trend – which can be a bad idea since trends only come and go.

Ideally, you’d want to be in a bedroom that feels authentically you, a room that feels like a reflection of your identity, and a room that you can be comfortable in and completely lay your hair down – a safe haven.

It’s just hard to feel comfortable in a bedroom that feels strange to you, that doesn’t feel like home, that doesn’t feel like you – so make sure that when you’re choosing a paint color for your bedroom, it is a color that you absolutely resonate with.


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