2022-04-14 Paint Philadelphia Holland PA Painting and Decorating Your Bedroom as a Hufflepuff

Harry Potter, amidst being released for two decades now, is still apparent and impactful amongst us that had grown to love and grew up with the series.

One of the most famous references from the series are the houses: Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, and Hufflepuff – and each represents a unique set of traits and colors that you can be categorized in.

So, suppose you’re a Hufflepuff at heart, and would want to show it boldly to everyone by decorating your bedroom to resemble a Hufflepuff house, well – in that case, we might have some ideas that might make you fly out of bliss, as if you’d been charmed with a wingardium leviosa spell.

To help you build the perfect Hufflepuff haven, here’s Painting and Decorating Your Bedroom As a Harry Potter House: Hufflepuff in Holland, PA.


1. Paint Your Walls A Majestic Color Of Gold

Since the Hufflepuff house is known for its gold/yellow house color, you can get your Hufflepuff-inspired bedroom by painting your walls a majestic color of gold.

Nothing says carefree and jolly as gold/yellow, and these are one of the most obvious traits of a Hufflepuff – so drown and engulf your room in the most majestic shade of gold or yellow you can find.

Take note, though, to choose a paint color carefully, since gold/yellow can be strong colors and could easily be too bright to the eyes – choose a shade that will work with the lighting in your bedroom and look good on the surface.

2. Add A Hufflepuff Mural/Accent Wall

In doing a Hufflepuff-inspired bedroom, you could also go really creative and paint yourself a Hufflepuff mural or accent wall.

There are so many designs that you could choose, from having a simple black and gold accent wall to represent the Hufflepuff colors, or to paint the Hufflepuff sigil as your accent wall, or creating a majestic and intricate mural of the Hufflepuff house – there are so many creative possibilities for this one.

Just make sure that you choose which wall to paint it on carefully, one where it is unobstructed by any tall furniture that could block you from seeing it in all its greatness.

3. Play With Some Rustic Accents and Elements

Since Hufflepuff is essentially branded as a carefree, jolly, and homey house, you could further establish your Hufflepuff-inspired dream bedroom by playing with some rustic accents and elements.

You could place a wooden bookshelf near your bed, install hanging wooden shelves for various storage, or even embellish your table with a wooden, warm-lighted lamp and some decors for that aesthetically pleasing look.

The rustic accents and elements will blend well with the black/gold colors, and it will make to be a perfect Hufflepuff haven.

4. Get Black Bedsheets and Pillowcases

For a more sleek and laid-back vibe, you can get black bedsheets and pillowcases to compliment the yellow/gold colors in your Hufflepuff-inspired bedroom.

A set of velvety, black bedsheets and pillowcases will look perfect against a yellow/gold wall and will look so Hufflepuff that it’ll be perfect for you.

There are so many variations of bedsheets and pillowcases online and in your local stores, so just make sure that you know the exact measurements of your bed so you can get the right size.

5. Pair It With Matching Curtains

Curtains are extremely overlooked when it comes to interior design, but without them, a room just seems bland and mundane – which is why in building your Hufflepuff-inspired bedroom, you will want to pair it with matching curtains.

For a more cohesive look, you can opt for gold/black curtains to keep the house’s theme going on, but if you happen to find another one that fits with your bedroom design and looks good when put there, you can also go with that too – the possibilities are endless with this one!

6. Look For Hufflepuff-Inspired Furnishings

Lastly, just to give it one last touch of that Hufflepuff flair, you can also look for Hufflepuff-inspired furnishings to put all over your bedroom.

Art pieces, framed quotes, Harry Potter merchandise such as scarves, memorabilia, and many others will be good to decorate in your bedroom – just as long as they fit with the rest of your bedroom’s theme, then it’ll be great.


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