2022-04-09 Paint Philadelphia Newtown PA Painting Updates You Can Do To Your Living Room

Our living room is a focal and essential element in our homes – it is the room where we lounge the most, where we hang back and relax, and where we find comfort together with our family.

With that being said, it is important that you update your living room from time to time – in doing so, we can maintain the comfort and satisfaction we feel when we are in our living room, which is essentially its function.

So, if you’re looking for painting updates you can do to your living room, no problem – we have the right tips and advice just for you.

Without further ado, here are Painting Updates You Can Do To Your Living Room in Newtown, PA.

1. Check Out New Color Trends

In your quest to update your living room through painting, you should consider checking out new color trends that are just proliferating and bountiful online.

There are so many new interior color trends available online – colors such as babouche (a sunny, mustard yellow), sage green (a cool, green-gray shade), and even 2022’s color of the year, veri peri (a dreamy, lavender-blue shade) would make to be a perfect candidate for updating your living room interior.

If you’re finding that your living room seems to be mundane and outdated lately, just do a quick search of interior color trends on the internet, and check them out until you find something that tugs at your heart and tickles your fancy!

2. Repaint Your Walls

If you happen to like the current color you have in your living room, but it just seems to have lost the old luster and shine it once had, an update you can do with this is to treat your living room walls to a fresh coat of paint – repainting them.

Treating your living room walls to a fresh coat of paint will be a great way to update your living room interior, as it will definitely give your well-deserved shine and vibrance, and it will be relatively cheaper and easier than painting your walls with another color – which will cost you more materials and effort to do.

In doing so, just make sure that you clean your walls’ surfaces first because painting on an unclean surface leads to many paint problems that will be a pain in the head to fix later on.

3. Inspect For Any Paint Damage

In updating your living room, you will also want to inspect for any paint damage that might have occurred on your walls’ surface and try to repair them accordingly.

Some of these paint problems are scuff marks, paint peeling, chalking, rust stains, discoloration, and many others that are just a nuisance to the eyes and something you’d definitely want to fix.

Luckily, the internet exists, and with just a few clicks, you can fix these paint problems by yourself – but, if the issue seems larger than what you think you can handle, don’t hesitate to contact a professional for their services.

4. Repaint Your Furniture

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of repainting your whole living room, which can be a bit tedious and difficult if you’re a complete amateur at painting, a small but still impactful painting update you can do to your living room would be to repaint your furniture.

Your furniture is one important aspect of your living room; for starters, they give life and identity to your living room and help establish the vibe and theme you’re going for – without furniture, your living room would just be an empty, sad space.

So, with that being said, you can repaint your furniture just to refresh and update its appeal – to do this best, you will want to repaint them with a color that will complement the existing color in your living room, so you might want to check color palettes and design inspirations available online.

Doing this will not only update your living room but make it more cohesive and aesthetically appealing – which is essentially what we want, right?


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