picking good colors

Oh no- it’s that time again. You’re faced with the overwhelming task of picking paint colors. A task so simple never felt so daunting until you walked into the paint store and realized that the “wall of color” contains hundreds of greys alone! Who knew that there was a different between and a blue grey and a green grey! It can feel very daunting trying to pick out a color that you know you will have to live with for years to come! Here are some tips to keep in mind when picking out colors

Tip 1: Start with the end in mind

Instead of starting with “let’s pick a paint color” let’s start with how do you want this room to feel? Are we going to a more modern feel or a more traditional and classic feel? Are we replacing furniture and swapping out light fixtures? What will the end look like when we are done? These are all questions you need to ask yourself before you even walk into the paint store. Ask yourself these questions to ensure you have a cohesive final product

Tip 2: All walls are not created equal

Drywall or plaster? Brand new or do you have 100 years of history in your home? Drywall prep is always standard on a quality paint job but remember if you have ALOT of imperfections the only way to make your wall perfect is with a skim coat, which requires a drywall contractor, additional time and money. We like to suggest if you do not want to go to the extreme of skim coating you walls to think about the finish that will best hide those imperfections! We always recommend a flat paint if your walls are in rough shape or if you are simply going for a more modern look.

Tip 3: Lighting

“But it looked so different in the paint store” We have heard that one over and over again. This is because the lighting you have in your home can make the paint look completely different! Remember there is fluorescent, incandescent, LED and natural lighting just to name a few. This variance can all change the way the paint looks in your home! Which brings us into our next tip test!

Tip 4:Test!

The best and only way to truly know what that color you saw in your favorite magazine or in the paint store will look like in your home is to get a sample on the wall! We recommend to get the color(s) you are thinking about painting with, in every space they will be in. This means if you are looking at a light French grey, let’s get it in multiple locations in the kitchen, living + dining room to ensure you will be happy with it for years to come in all your spaces!

Tip 5: If all else fails consult with a professional professional

All of our projects always come with a professional design consult. We want your home to be beautiful by the time we leave and we have found that sometimes the best way to do this is to bring in an expert! We often find that bringing in a professional makes a world of difference and has save out clients thousands of dollars in repaints! Nothing is better than getting the job done the right way the first time! In the long run it ends up saving you money because you will love your home!

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