2022-03-09 Paint Philadelphia Newtown PA Questions to Ask Before Choosing an Exterior Paint Color

One of the most important elements of our home exterior would be its color – it sets the mood, the vibe, and the overall theme that our home exterior will have.

Choosing a paint color for your exterior is indeed a crucial decision, one you would need to think and mull over until you come up with the best possible decision.

So, if you’re having a hard time deciding what color to paint your exterior, well, here’s something that might help you.

Without further ado, here are Questions to Ask Yourself Before Choosing a Paint Color For Your Exterior in Newtown, PA.

1. What Are The Existing Colors Present?

When choosing a paint color for your home exterior, you need to take the existing colors present near your exterior into consideration, so you can have an overall cohesive home exterior appeal.

In painting your exterior, it is ideal that you find a color that will complement and blend with the existing colors around it – to help you deal with this, you can refer to color palettes and design inspirations available online, so you can know which colors will work best with a certain color. 

It is important that you take this into consideration because you don’t want to end up with a home exterior with a mish-mash of colors that do not blend and go well together, which is just unsightly to see. 

2. What Is My Home’s Architectural Style?

Depending on your current home exterior architectural style, you will also need to consider this when choosing a paint color for your exterior.

A classic Victorian style wouldn’t go well with bright and bold colors, as well as a beach, the bohemian style wouldn’t go well with dark and muted colors, so you need to choose your colors accordingly to your exterior’s architectural style.

If you’re not entirely sure what architectural style you have at home, you can ask paint professionals for their advice and opinion on your case.

3. What Are The Details Present on My Roof?

Since your roof is essentially still a part of your exterior, you will also want to consider it when choosing a paint color for your exterior.

Ask yourself, what are the details and colors present on your roof, and what colors would blend with it or highlight it for an overall elevated but still cohesive appeal? That depends on each situation, so you may want to assess this first.

You don’t want to end up with an exterior that looks like an entirely separate being from your roof and the rest of your surroundings, so think about this carefully when choosing a paint color.

4. What Color Will Go With The Existing Landscape Surrounding My Exterior?

Depending on what kind of landscape you have at home, your choice of paint color must also complement and blend well with this.

If you have a landscape at home filled with shrubbery and tall trees, opting for a bright color may not be the best option: instead, you’ll want to opt for a more subtle and muted color, so it doesn’t get too busy and will blend with the type of landscape well.

If your landscape is more on the simple and refined side, you may opt for brighter and bolder colors for that elevated and impactful effect.

5. What Color Will Look Good With The Existing Lighting?

Lastly, and the most crucial one, you will want to consider the existing lighting when choosing a paint color for your exterior.

Our home exterior will be basked in natural lighting, which tends to make paint colors look shades cooler than they actually are, ending up with an exterior color different from what you initially imagined.

So, to combat this, you will want to go a few shades warmer as to what you initially chose, so when painted on your exterior, it will look somewhat similar or closer to the color you had in mind.

Additionally, you would benefit from doing a test paint, so you can be certain if your chosen color will look good when painted on your exterior and with the certain natural lighting you have.


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