2021-12-29 Paint Philadelphia Holland PA Pros and Cons of Painting Room A Dark Color

Choosing a color to paint a room is one of the most crucial decisions in the painting process – the color alone determines what vibe your room will have, the mood it will set, and the theme your room can employ.

So, it is imperative to mull it over and give time to think about it so you will end up with a color you’ll not regret choosing.

One of the uncommon and debatable choices in painting a room would be to paint it dark.

People would usually find it intimidating to go with the dark route, as they might find it too ‘unconventional’ in contrast to light colors, which is typically a choice people would readily go to in painting a room.

However, unconventional doesn’t mean bad.

If you’re currently still haggling whether or not to paint your room with a dark color, well, you’re just in time.

Here are The Pros and Cons of Painting a Room with a Dark Color in Holland, PA.


Makes A Bold Statement

Painting with a dark color is an instant bold statement.

People are used to walking into airy, light-colored rooms, so for them to be greeted with a luscious shade of dark interior would be a pleasant surprise.

Additionally, a dark-colored room would instantly set you apart from the others, and while it may be a hit-or-miss for people, they would definitely have a lasting impression of your uniquely colored room.

Establishes a Warm Vibe

A dark room would instantly establish a warmer, intimate vibe in your room.

A perfect addition to your intimate dark room would be a few scented candles or a magnificent, roaring fire to establish that intimate vibe into your space further.

Because dark colors make a space feel closer and more tight-knit, a dark-colored room will be the perfect haven if you want to tune out on the noise and perch alone silently.

Looks Better in Photographs

While a camera is as objective as it is, it seems fond of dark-colored rooms.

A dark-colored room will look better in a photograph as it will make your interior and furniture stand out and simply looks invigoratingly exquisite.

If you’re the type who loves to share Instagram photos of your home on social media, a dark-colored room will get you all the hearts and comments!

Makes Your Interior Stand Out

While a white backdrop is a good choice, nothing is better than making art and furniture stand out than a dark background.

The dark hue of the color is impressive at making art and furniture stand out, as it successfully highlights all its details and designs and instantly draws your attention.

If you have lots of art and furniture that have many stunning details and embellishments in it, a dark-colored room will be a great idea to make them stand out in their own right.


Reduces Light

A dark-colored room will reduce the light your room will receive.

This will be especially true in the evenings when natural light is scarce, and you will need to double up on your artificial lighting for the room to look bright.

A dark-colored room will be good if you plan to use it to relax and have total darkness when asleep, but probably not the best choice for studying and other creative pursuits.

Will Be Hard To Paint Over

A dark-colored room will be hard to paint over once you’ve gone bored with it and want to switch to another color.

The tint of the dark colors will be hard to cover up and conceal with another paint, and it is more prone to paint bleeds.

While it is not impossible, it will definitely be a challenging painting process, so if you do not plan to stick with the dark color for the long run, it would be better to choose lighter alternatives.

Space Will Feel Smaller

Sadly, if you’re painting a room with a dark color, it will swallow up most of the space and make it feel smaller than it actually is.

If you’d like to maximize a room with a small space, a dark color might not be the best option for you.

Not The Best Option In Selling Your Home

Since it is hard to paint over and makes space feel smaller, a dark color paint may not be the best option if you’re planning to sell your home.

You want your home to feel as spacious and customizable as possible, and nothing does that best than light colors.


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