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Useful Tips For Painting Your Interior As A Beginner in Newtown, PA

Doing a painting project as a beginner can be a fun venture, but if you’re constantly finding yourself confused and clueless as to where you should start, then that takes the fun away from it.

So, if you’re currently looking for tips that you can definitely use as a beginner doing an interior painting project, here’s something that you will find helpful.

Here are Useful Tips For Painting Your Interior As A Beginner.

1. Choose A Paint Color Carefully

As a beginner in painting, one of the most exciting parts of a painting project for you may be choosing a paint color to use – while it is indeed enjoyable, you should still remember to choose a paint color thoughtfully and carefully.

So many factors go into choosing the right and best paint color: the lighting present in the space you’re planning to paint, the colors present in the space you’re planning to paint, the mood you’re trying to set, and so on.

First off, lighting is actually one of the most important factors in choosing a paint color – lighting has a significant effect on how your paint color will look after it’s finished, and the same can of paint can end up in varying shades depending on the lighting present.

To ensure that you will get the best paint color, you should check paint samples under the lighting of the space you’re planning to paint so you can actually see which colors look best under it.

Additionally, you should also consider the present colors in the space and the mood you’re trying to set in choosing a paint color – to help you with this, you can look up color palettes and mood boards available online, so you can know which set of colors will go best with the present colors in your space and which colors will go best with the specific mood or theme you’re trying to achieve.

2. Always Use Primer

As a beginner, one of the most important painting rules you should know is that you should always use primer in painting.

Primer will ensure that your paint will be in its best state and quality once you’re finished – it will adhere better to the surface, it will give a much better coverage for your paint, which will allow for a better and brighter color, and it will make your coat of paint last significantly longer.

So, before you apply your coat of paint, make sure that you put a coat of paint or two of primer first.

3. Mix Your Cans Of Paint

A pro-tip you should know as a beginner in painting is to mix your cans of paint – this is actually what experts would call boxing the paint!

This is important because painting from can to can might result in a slight difference in shade, as they might not have the same consistency – mixing your cans of paint in one container will ensure that you will paint the same shade all over your surface.

4. Use Painter’s Tape

To ensure that your edges are straight and seamless, you should remember to grab a roll of painter’s tape or two when shopping for paint.

Painter’s tape will help you in making sure that all the colors you’re painting will stay in the corners and spaces that they’re intended to, and will also ensure that you won’t get any unnecessary painting marks and smudges on your trims, ceilings, and floors.

Just another tip in using painter’s tape: don’t let it stay too long on your surface, or else it might peel away some of your fresh coat of paint when you remove them.

5. Invest In Quality Paint Materials

Lastly, one of the most essential tips that you should know as a beginner would be to always invest in quality paint materials.

While it does seem tempting and practical to buy cheaper paint materials, you should also realize that they are cheap because they are made of low-quality materials – which eventually won’t last as long as you would expect them.

So, to ensure that you won’t be doing your interior painting project as often as you would have liked, you should remember to invest in durable, longer-lasting, quality painting materials.


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