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Dining Room Cabinet Painting Tips For Less Mess in Newtown, PA

In the process of sprucing up your dining room space, giving your cabinets a fresh coat of paint might be the method you’d never expected to work so well!

Our dining room cabinets do not only provide extra storage space to our dining rooms, but they also play an integral part in the area’s overall appeal, which is why treating them with a fresh coat of paint from time to time is essential!

So, if you are currently scouring the internet looking for tips for doing a seamless cabinet painting project, here’s something you might want to read!

Here are Dining Room Cabinet Painting Tips For Less Mess.

1. Clear Your Dining Room Space

One of the first things you should be doing to avoid a mess in painting your dining room cabinets would be to clear your dining room space.

This is to remove any possible obstructions or clutter in the area, which will not only cause the mess you’re trying to avoid in the first place but might also cause unnecessary delays in your project.

Just think about the hassle you might find yourself into if you happen to trip or slip over some kind of obstruction or form of clutter present in your dining room area as you’re painting – or worse, as you are carrying or handling paint!

To begin this, you’ll want to clear out and temporarily relocate as much stuff as possible in your dining room area – any dining room furniture, decoration, appliance, and everything that might be in the area.

2. Cover Up With Drop Cloths

However, in the process of clearing our dining room space, you’ll find that some things you simply cannot relocate as they are fixed in place – these are called your dining room fixtures, and in this case, you’ll need to cover them up with drop cloths.

Dropcloths will be a handy addition to your dining room cabinet painting project to prevent paint drips and spills from getting all over your dining room fixtures – which essentially causes the mess you’re trying to avoid!

Additionally, you might also want to cover any space near your cabinets to avoid getting these pesky drips and spills all over them.

As a tip, you should get a canvas-type drop cloth, since this type of fabric won’t let paint seep through it.

3. Use Painter’s Tape

To significantly avoid a mess in painting your dining room cabinets, remember to utilize painter’s tape, as this is a valuable tool when it comes to achieving clean and crisp paint lines.

You will find that in painting the edges of your cabinets, it’ll be hard to do so without getting paint smudges and smears all over the area – essentially creating the type of mess you’re looking to avoid!

But this is where painter’s tape comes in handy.

By applying painter’s tape over your cabinet, you effectively create a border between your cabinets and your walls, essentially ensuring smooth and straight-cute trims and edges as a result!

However, don’t let your tape on for too long on the surface, or you might be peeling off some of your fresh coat of paint in the process – so be aware!

4. Remove Your Cabinet Doors

Lastly, to significantly avoid making a mess in your dining room cabinet painting project, you will want to remove the doors off your cabinets.

When left attached to your cabinets, your doors tend to be unstable and shaky, which proves to be difficult to paint on and could potentially cause a mess all over the space.

So, a great workaround for this would be to simply remove your cabinet doors and pin them firmly on a surface, where you can have better precision in painting them and thus, create a lesser mess in the process.

Just remember to keep all necessary hardware in place, such as screws or bolts, so you can safely attach them back in place once you’ve finished painting them!


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