2023-05-09 Paint Philadelphia Newtown PA Handy Guide To Fixing and Repainting Faded Paint

Handy Guide To Fixing and Repainting Faded Paint in Newtown, PA

A coat of paint can fade due to a number of reasons, but despite whatever factor behind it, one remains true – a faded coat of paint will bring down the overall appeal of a space.

This is why it is necessary that we do the reparative measures for this – which can be done by applying a fresh coat of paint.

So if you are currently looking for something to guide you as you repaint your faded coat of paint, here’s something that might be helpful for you.

Here’s a Handy Guide To Fixing and Repainting Faded Paint.

1. Do Proper Surface Preparation First

In fixing and repainting your faded coat of paint, one of the first things that she will have to do would be to do proper surface preparation.

It is important that you do proper surface preparation for your faded coat of paint because you will want to prepare the surface first for the brand new coat of paint, which you can do by being the surface for any kind of damage, and making sure that the surface is smooth and clean.

It is important that you inspect the surface that you’re going to be painting first for any damage because you will need to patch them up first if you have found any.

It is important to remember that paint will not be able to cover any kind of physical damage all on its own, so if you want to ensure a smooth paint finish, it is vital that you get these damages patched up first.

Lastly, you will also want to ensure that your surface is clean and free of any types of dirt, dust, or debris that might have accumulated on it over time, since these are exactly the factors that make up a messy paint finish – and you won’t want that in your painting project!

2. Decide On A Paint Color To Use

A rather important decision that you’ll have to make in repainting a faded coat of paint would be choosing a paint color to use for it – and in doing so, you will have two options, to repaint using the same color, or to repaint using another color.

The easiest choice here would be to repaint using the same color since you already know how the paint color will actually look once it is painted on the surface, and you are merely giving your coat of paint a nice refresh and update.

But, if you are decided on using an entirely different color for this kind of painting project, here are crucial factors that you will have to keep in mind.

The lighting would be a considerable factor when you are deciding on a paint color to use, so you will want to do a that’s been on the surface that you are going to paint, so you can really see how the lighting present there will affect your color choices.

You will also want to see the colors and textures already present in the room/area you’re going to be painting, so you can choose a paint color that goes well with them, which helps ensure an overall cohesive appeal.

3. Use Primer

In any painting project, Primer will always be an essential aspect to it – and especially when you are repainting an already faded coat of paint.

Primer will help in providing better coverage for your coat of paint, which in turn, allows for a brighter and more vibrant paint finish – which is essentially what you want in repainting a faded coat of paint!

4. Invest In Quality Paint

Most of the time the culprit behind the faded coat of paint is through using cheap, low-quality paint – so, in fixing this, you will now want to ensure that you invest in high-quality paint.

Cheap paint will always have lower quality, thus, will produce a low-quality paint finish as a result, and one that is bound to fade or manifest other paint problems sooner.

So, to ensure that your paint would be fading again anytime soon or will be manifesting other types of paint problems that will be equally hassling to take care of, you should ensure to invest in quality paint.


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